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Winning business from the Government requires expertise in financial management to satisfy Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) requests to perform audits and compliancy reviews.

Companies can lose millions of dollars in business opportunity when they fail to have the appropriate financial, security and contract systems in place to satisfy the Governments’ Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements. Certified Pricing Data requirements for many companies becomes a learning curve resulting in lost or delayed business opportunities while systems are upgraded and processes are made accountable and auditable.

What is the right Government accounting system and how best to put it in place or upgrade? What needs to happen to get a Special Security Agreement in place? How do you effectively work a termination for convenience submission, close out a cost-plus contract, create the right schedules to address requirements on a sole source contract modification? What is expected from your financial systems when cost-plus and cost reimbursable CLINS are in your next contract? Thinking of acquiring another business or selling and need due diligence support?

COSTECH provides these support services. Companies don’t have to wait until opportunities are lost to do an assessment and plan for the next step. Tailoring your next steps to your business pursuits improves your opportunity to Win! 


Contract Review
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